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Explore The Range Inspired By And Tested In The Great Canadian Wilderness



Explore The Range Inspired By And Tested 

In The Great Canadian Wilderness.

The Canmore

Bold looks for the paddler who’s not afraid to stand out.


The Tweedsmuir

Surf-era style for the minimalist adventurer.


The Garibaldi

Sleek elegance for the modern-day nomad.


Feature-Packed Design

Pacific Northwest
Inspired Design

Crafted with clean lines and earthy tones, these boards help you perform on the water, and stand out on the beach. Express your aesthetic this summer!

Aeroweave™ Dual-Layer Construction

Our Aeroweave construction utilizes fused & x-woven materials to ensure unparalleled rigidity and stiffness, providing stability and responsiveness in all conditions.

Squash Tail 

Inspired by high-performance surfboards, our squash tail design offers unparalleled manoeuvrability in all water conditions.

Super Stable Thruster
Fin System

Three fins increase stability by distributing the board's surface area, benefiting beginner paddlers and those navigating choppy waters.


Discover The Technology Behind The Board

Aeroweave Fusion Construction

Crafted with Aeroweave™ fused & x-woven materials, to ensure stability and responsiveness in all conditions. The fusion of materials guarantees unparalleled rigidity and stiffness, providing a stable ride even in challenging waters. With a cross-woven structure, our boards are built to last, ready to tackle any adventure you embark on. 

Squash Tail Design

Drawing inspiration from modern surfboards, our squash tail design delivers unmatched maneuverability. The slightly rounded edges act as release points for water flow, enabling quick and sharp turns in both choppy & flatwater conditions.

Dual-Rail Construction

This precision-engineered system ensures not only enhanced rigidity but also facilitates precise tracking and responsive maneuvering for an exceptional paddleboarding experience. Glide effortlessly through the water with unparalleled control and confidence.

Thruster Fin Setup

Our 3-fin "thruster' setup provides increased stability by distributing the board's surface area across multiple points. This stability is particularly beneficial for beginner paddlers or those navigating choppy waters. It also allows for smoother turns and improved tracking, meaning the board maintains a straighter path through the water. This reduces the need for constant course corrections, enhancing efficiency during long paddles or in windy conditions.

Intelligent Manufacturing Process

Our skilled artisans employ advanced techniques to meticulously craft each board, with each board undergoing three rounds of rigorous inspections throughout the manufacturing process, covering structural integrity and aesthetic appeal to guarantee only the finest products reach our customers. The manufacturing process takes over 72 hours from start to finish, ensuring that when you step onto one of our boards, you're not just stepping onto a paddleboard; you're stepping onto a testament of our unwavering commitment to excellence in every detail.

Pacific Spirit In The Wild.

Because you pull it off better than we do.

Pacific Spirit In The Wild.

Because you pull it off better than we do.

Crafted By Adventurers, For Adventurers.

Taking inspiration from the hues & tones of Canada's landscapes, from the moody greens of the Tweedsmuir rainforest, to the crisp autumn golds of the Garibaldi woodlands, this range packs one-of-a-kind designs for one-of-a-kind paddlers. 

Adventure in Style, While Restoring The Planet.

Every board purchased contributes towards regenerative restoration projects across the planet. Your purchase will:

Plant 10 

Mangrove Trees

Absorb 3 Tonnes 

of CO2 

Provide Jobs to 

Vulnerable Communities

Pacific Spirit 
Paddle Co.



Dual-Layer Woven & Fused Dropstitch


Single Layer PVC

Customised, High-End Accessory Package


Off-The-Shelf Accessory Package

15-17 PSI

Optimal Pressure

10-12 PSI

Coasts, Rivers & Lakes

Suitable Conditions

Flatwater (Lakes)

5+ Years

Expected Lifespan

1-2 Years

Lifetime Warranty



3 Rounds of Rigorous Inspection

Quality Control


You Said It Best.